South Kaibab Trail Photo Essay

Last year, in April 2015, during our short weekend in Arizona, we had a chance to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World – The majestic Grand Canyon. It was one of the most amazing places I’ve seen in my life. It’s hard to believe that Colorado river takes credit for creating this nature phenomena. The day was cold and windy. All bundled up we begun the quest below the rim.

IMG_7179-1After the initiate switchbacks, we started seeing the trail, winding down as a ribbon on the side of canyon wall.

IMG_7201-1Overnight hikers heading over to Phantom Ranch.

IMG_7204-1Sorry, no photos from Ooh- Aah Point…

IMG_7211-1Dusty trail. The day was cold and windy, the red sand was twirling around in the air.

IMG_7212-1Down to Cedar Ridge.

IMG_7221-1Lone pine on the side of the trail. There is beauty everywhere.

IMG_7245-2Looking for lunch spot at Cedar Ridge.

IMG_7250-1Found it! Can you imagine anything better?

IMG_7255-2Taking it in, exploring Cedar Ridge.


IMG_7272-1Down to Skeleton Point. O’Neal Butte in the background, and trail winding down the side.



IMG_7356-1Meadow (as I called it), right before Skeleton Point.

IMG_7367-2The Meadow was full of life, blooming dessert flowers and tiny critters enjoying the afternoon sun. I would have never imagine seeing something like this down in the canyon.


IMG_7392-1.jpgGlimpse of the Colorado River from The Skeleton Point. The green area in the lower middle part of the picture it’s where the Phantom Ranch is. That is where the North Kaibab Trail descents to Colorado River.

IMG_7406-2.jpgLast peek at the mighty before we head back up.

Golden rule of the Grand Canyon – everything that goes down, must come back up. Since this is a reverse hike, National Park warnings are everywhere, and for a good reason. We only had time to descent to Skeleton Point this time, hopefully in the future, we get a chance to explore GC all the way down to the river.

To view my portfolio please visitĀ Meg Szymanska Photography

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